An Expert Demystifies Selling Water Filtration Products

March 5th, 2012 5:53pm
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An Expert Demystifies Selling Water Filtration Products

The process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, and suspended solids from water is becoming more important as people become more knowledgeable about how important it is to use only pure, clean water. Your customers will thank you for guiding them in the selection and installation of a water purifying system designed to meet their specific needs, and many of them will wonder how they ever tolerated unpleasant-smelling and -tasting water before you came along!

Erb Company's rep and supplier of CUNO water filtration products, Bruce Campbell, has some tips on the process of evaluating your customer's needs so you can quickly become the go-to service in your area for great water.

There are first 5 basic questions to get answered:
1. Identify whether they use the municipal water supply, or have a private well.
2. Would they like all of the water entering the house treated, or just specific faucets (points of use)?
3. Is there a specific complaint about the water, such as taste, odor, color?
4. What is the pipe size that the filtration device will be connected to?
5. How many people are in the family?

It is recommended that before any decision is made as to what device will be installed, a water sample be obtained and tested. CUNO provides bottles for water samples and will test the water for impurities at no charge. The test results include suggestions from CUNO advising what product or products will best solve the problem. The process takes approximately 2 weeks and your Erb Company sales rep can arrange it for you. There are individual products for water filtration - canister-style filters, reverse osmosis filters, drinking water filters, and scale inhibitors. Or a water treatment system may be what's needed - a water softener, backwashing iron filter, ph neutralizer, or sulphur treatment system.

Private well systems will almost always require a water treatment system. In this instance, the test results are invaluable in helping to determine the type of system needed. Note that when a water softener is to be installed, a good form of preventive maintenance is to install a sediment filter that water flows through first to prevent debris entering the control valve of the softener. Either the AP902 or the AP101T could be used with good results, although the AP101T is less expensive. But keep in mind that the AP902 is rated at 20 gpm and the cartridge only has to be changed once a year, The AP101T is rated at 12 gpm and the cartridge needs changing 3 - 5 times a year.

When your customer is connected to municipally-supplied water, their water can be greatly improved with CUNO water filtration products. The most common problem that people want to address is because municipalities are required by the government to treat the water they supply for bacteria, usually with chlorines or chloramines. These chemicals leave the water with an unappetizing taste and odor, as well as skin and hair drying properties. The second most prevalent problem in municipal water supplies is sediment. Sediment can be created when pipes break and are repaired, or it can be the result of the decay of an old piping network. Therefore, you will find that the majority of municipal water problems can be solved with a sediment/chlorine taste and odor filter. CUNO has these available in various flow rates as either a whole house filter or a point of use filter.

We suggest the following products for whole house filtration:

• AP903 (20 gpm, 100,000 gallon total capacity) - for taste, odor, and sediment
• AP904 (20 gpm, 100,000 gallon total capacity) - for taste, odor, sediment, and prevents scale build up

For point of use filtration, the number one option is the 3MFF100 for chlorine, taste, odor, sediment, lead, parasitic protozoan cysts, and select volatile organic compounds. This filter has a high flow rate of 2.5 gpm. It satisfies just about everything the consumer could want while giving the best overall protection and the best flow, for the best price. They will get better-than-bottled water quality at the faucet, with only a once-a-year filter change.

For those interested in removing absolutely everything from their water, the reverse osmosis system is the state of the art option. It effectively removes arsenic, fluoride, barium, lead, cadmium, radium, chromium, selenium copper, turbidity, cysts, and chlorine. Reverse osmosis is a 3-stage process involving a 5 micron carbon pre-filter, an advanced RO membrane, and a carbon block post-filter that "polishes" the resulting filtered water for great taste. A cup of coffee or tea made with RO water tastes so good, after drinking it you will never want to go back to tap water, making an RO system a must for some people.

For assistance and support with CUNO water filtration products, and free water sample testing from CUNO, be sure to consult with your Erb Company sales rep.



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