Endless Advantages to the New Eternal Hybrid Water Heater

April 16th, 2012 6:55pm
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Endless Advantages to the New Eternal Hybrid Water Heater


Once in a while we come across a new product that has the potential to revolutionize the market. As with bringing in any new item, Erb Company goes through a process of learning all about it's features and benefits from the manufacturer, then introducing it to the outside sales team that has contact with our customers every day, to see if they can get excited about selling it. The new Eternal Hybrid Water Heater received a high level of curiosity, enthusiasm, and excitement right from the start.


The Eternal has a unique technology that blurs the lines between a tank water heater and a tankless while borrowing from the advantages of each. Conventional gas tank type water heaters operate similarly to a pot of water on a stove burner in the 40,000 BTU range, with the incoming cold water directed to the bottom of the tank by the dip tube, and the hot water being drawn off of the top of the tank. About 70% of the capacity of the tank can be used before the heater has to recover. This means that the storage capacity of the tank has to be large enough to meet demand. When water is not being used, there are standby heat losses through the outer jacket of the tank, as well as through the air going up through the flue in the center of the tank, making tank water heaters efficient somewhere in the area of 70%.


Tankless water heaters do not store any heated water, but instead have a large heat exchanger and a burner typically in the 199,000 BTU range. When hot water is called for, the burner lights and then modulates itself to accommodate the flow. The water passing through is instantly heated to a preset temperature. There are several downfalls with a tankless: when you are using small amounts of hot water intermittently, waiting for it to catch up can be annoying. Because a tankless is activated by flow alone, every time a faucet is opened and closed, the heating cycle must start over again, causing the dreaded "cold water sandwich". There are pressure losses due to scale build-up with the tankless coil that increase with higher flows. The coil must regularly be serviced to de-lime it. And, the ability of a tankless to heat water to a set temperature is largely dependent on the temperature of the incoming water. In some of the country's colder areas, a very large unit is required, or multiple units working together. The average efficiency of a tankless water heater is about 84%.


Enter the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater. It has a small tank as well as a large burner, and uses a large surface area heat exchanger system that utilizes the maximum available heat out of the flue gases before exhausting them. The tank delivers stored hot water for immediate use. Once the tank water has been depleted, the Eternal then functions as a tankless, delivering an endless supply of hot water. It works using a multi-pass heat exchanger system to drive heat downward, then passes it through 44 baffled stainless steel pipes for maximum heat transfer. The flue gases are so low in temperature that they can be vented through PVC pipe. Because of the reverse flow technology, efficiency is at 98%


The advantages of the Eternal go beyond efficient water heating. It is also a clean burning unit with nearly zero greenhouse gas emissions, meeting the most stringent Ultra Low NOx requirements. The Eternal takes up 50% of the room that a traditional 50 gallon tank type heater does, and has 300% higher output. The stainless steel tank is touted as self-cleaning and maintenance-free owing to the Counter Flow design, with cold water entering from the bottom up and pushing upwards through multiple radiating transfer pipes. Any sedimentation stays suspended in the water and travels up and out.


In residential use, the manufacturer, Grand Hall Enterprise Company of Taiwan, offers a 20 year no-leak guarantee on the stainless steel tank, a 3 year warranty on all other parts, and a 1 year warranty on reasonable labor. Grand Hall has maintained it's US office in Dallas Texas, since 1985. Their stated commitment is to provide customer support representatives 24/7, with service calls answered by helpful trained reps here in the US.


Erb Company is excited to be among the first to supply the new Eternal technology in our area. Stock available for immediate delivery includes several models of differing capacities and a complete selection of replacement parts. Get more details on this innovative product at www.eternalwaterheater.com - it's sure to be a hot topic of discussion among plumbing and heating professionals in the near future.



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