Larry Erb, You Will Always Be in Our Hearts

April 4th, 2013 12:51pm
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Larry Erb, You Will Always Be in Our Hearts

April 3, 1928 - March 4, 2013

As owner of Erb Company, Larry Erb had an incredibly full life. But of course, there was so much more to his 84 years on earth than the business that he built. Larry was a devoted husband to Shirley, his wife of over 60 years, and a father completely involved in his five children's lives. He founded the Buffalo Ski Club, spent summers at Chautauqua Lake, traveled the globe extensively, and found time to pilot his own plane. 

As he became semi-retired over the last few years, Larry was present at Erb Company almost every day, taking over all sorts of diverse duties that he saw that needed attention. He kept busy and stayed useful and productive right up until a few weeks before he passed away. One day he could be seen up on the roof directing work on the Wi-fi antennna, then he would be at the showroom  making sure everything was secure and running smoothly, then he would stop by to meet with the truck fleet mechanic and the graphic designer to discuss vinyl wraps for the company's vehicles, showing amazing energy for a man in his 80's. In the historic building that houses Erb Company, there is a long, steep flight of stairs leading to the upper offices; Larry could climb it and be upstairs faster than many people half his age.

People around Erb Company who knew Larry well would agree that he had a uniquely generous attitude towards his employees. He genuinely believed in providing long-term, stable employment for as many workers as possible, and followed through with that philosophy at times when other business owners would have likely looked only at dollars and cents and made cutbacks.

It is so sad to think that someone so vital and productive has been taken prematurely by a medical mishap. Even though some would say 84 years is a long life, Larry had much more to contribute.

Now that he is gone, he is missed in so many ways. There are many questions that come up in a company running for 100+ years that can only be answered by first asking, "How would Larry have done it?".

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